Jack Pads for most Modern BMW Produced Vehicles

Many modern BMWs come equipped with an all plastic “Jack Pad” that often wears out, falls off, and many times destroyed due to the lack of the special tool needed to jack up your car properly.  This can pose a major safety risk for the do it yourself car enthusiasts with improper jack placement, unwanted stress on the subframe, and even jack slipping off its jack point due to the structural failure of the OEM jack pad. 

NRW Design has created a permanent solution to solve these issues. Machined out of high strength 6160 billet aluminum, these jack pads are the ideal replacement for those worn out, destroyed, or even lost OEM plastic jack pads. These pads are designed to be 0.5” taller than OEM, allowing clearance for many aftermarket side skirt extensions to reduce the risk of damage caused by a lift. These pads are also ideal for any medium to large size jack saddles.  With a grated contact face to increase friction, you no longer have to fiddle around with adapters or feel unsafe whenever you want to wrench and lift your car. 

Installation hardware includes a simple cam locking design that ensures a quick and accurate installation. Long are the days when jack pads suddenly disappear and you are forced to swap location of the pads just to get the job done.  Installs in minutes with a simple allen key and firmly secures to your vehicle for a lifetime.  


Our jack pads are compatible with most BMW produced vehicles on the market. This includes chassis listed below: 

  • A9X
  • E9X
  • E8X
  • F20
  • F21
  • F22
  • F23
  • F87
  • F30
  • F80
  • F31
  • F34
  • F32
  • F82
  • F33
  • F83
  • F36
  • G30
  • F90
  • G31
  • F12
  • G14
  • F91
  • G01
  • G02
  • F97
  • F98
  • G29
  • F55
  • F56
  • F57
  • DAWN RR6
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