About Us

NRW-Design LLC. is a design and manufacturing company that specializes in designing and manufacturing custom BMW auto parts.  We specialize in the M model from the E9X to the new G8x chassis.  


As in life,  everything starts like… A Pilot (N), an Engineer (R) and a Master Mechanic (W) walk into a bar … 

This time though it was not a joke but an amazing friendship that formed.  A friendship that all had a common goal.  The betterment and improvement of what we drive.  The best part is we all come from different circles of life and bring different things to the table, all capitalizing and improving the ideas of the others.  Each of our talents exemplifies the other allowing us to be able to analyze an issue and be able to solve the problem at hand with a solution.

As many of you in the E9x M3 circle know, this business started out as a hobby many years ago.  Offering powder coating services to the plagued BMW Factory covers.  Using my talents in power coating and customer service I built a following by being honest, and offering impeccable service.  This allowed me to help maintain my E92 M3 to the standard I wanted without having the wife tell me I was spending way too much money on my (Mistress) M3.   

After taking a new (Airline) job based in Orlando Fl.  I had to find a new place to set up my hobby and find a new shop to work on my car.  Now I do love to work on my own stuff but having a lift and power tools is something I like much more than summer time weather in Florida on my back. 

This is where I met the Master Mechanic (W) Will who owns a local performance shop that caters to Exotics and high end automobiles, specializing in BMWs.  Will spent many years with BMW earning his Master Tech status.  After his time at BMW Will felt it was time to step out and work for himself.  Taking the skills and knowledge he had learned for years and opening up his own 10,000 SQ FT shop with a great reputation.  Never has to advertise and is a recommendation only kind of business. Will provides many years of knowledge, amazing work ethic, as well as understanding issues and how to solve them.  Will has the temperament to work with my strong worth ethic.  Providing a huge asset to what is now known as NRW Design.  

So last but not least the (R ) in our name.  Ray was the odd one in our group.  I say that jokingly as he was a recommendation to a project that I had been working on for years.  The Catch Can Project.  Ray and I started a friendship as I was in need of some extra help to complete a project I started several years prior.  Ray's background is in Engineering with a degree from Central Florida.  Ray worked for companies like Mitsubishi Power and Lockheed Martin.  His design and engineering skills are only matched to his hard work ethic and personality.  Ray has been instrumental in several of these projects and with his skill and ability we will be dependent on him to continue to push his ability to help create many new projects in the future.   We have teamed up with several local machine shops in the area giving us amazing access and their knowledge and equipment to help bring many of our ideas to life.  

Having access to CMM machines 4 access mills and lathes as well as metal cutters, benders, and any tool needed to design and manufacture the ideas allows us to be able to analyze design and construct what could be impossible to many.  

We are all BMW enthusiasts and are designing products for other BMW enthusiasts.  We are using our talents to help create solutions to issues we see in our industry.  

Our goal is to provide product design and engineering that meets the standards of the pilot, makes the life of a master mechanic easier , and is approved by the engineer.