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E9X M3 S65 Inline Fuel Filter Kit

E9X M3 S65 Inline Fuel Filter Kit

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NRW Design's E9X M3 inline fuel filter is finally here and in stock! Our inline fuel filter is a simple plug and play and takes about 30 minutes to fully install.  The NRW Inline fuel filter uses industry leading replacement fuel filters from Aeromotive.  Gasoline paper filter part #12601 and the E85 Micro Glass filter part #12650.  This allows for the ultimate filtration and allows the customer to easily find replacement filters when needed.  Our hose is made from PTFE and allows the user to run E85 safely.  Tested on both Supercharged and NA applications our filter has exceeded our expectations.  The NRW Design filter housing has been designed to relocate your low-pressure sensor found on your stock fuel rail and relocates it after the filter.  By doing so, this allows the DME to control fuel pressure if the housing is sensing low pressure due to either a contaminated filter or issues in the fuel system. NRW Design has really put a lot of thought behind this design and is proud to be able to offer another layer of safety and protection to our beloved E9X M3s.  

 See our BLOG for more information...

Our filter kit includes the following:

1: 2 Part Design Filter Housing 

2: Viton O-Ring

3: Aeromotive Fuel Filter 

4: Quick Connect PTFE Fuel Line 

5: Bracket Nut 

6: Low Pressure Fuel Sensor Plug 

7: Fuel Filter Housing 



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