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NRW Design Aluminum Vanos Covers

NRW Design Aluminum Vanos Covers

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Vanos Bolts

NRW Design latest release is the 5052 Aluminum hard anodized bolt on Vanos covers.  NRW Design had been asked many times for our solution to the deteriorating plastic OEM Vanos caps and our response was always there was enough on the market to provide the solution.  But over time we have watched multiple manufactures have catastrophic failure with their clip in Vanos cover design.  NRW Design recently had a customer car come in with a complete failure of their OEM plastic Vanos covers.  Sending the Vanos spring through the valve cover and destroying the engine.  NRW Design went to work to design our latest product, the bolt on aluminum Vanos covers.  Our Vanos covers are a single piece design made from 5052 hard anodized aluminum.  These caps are the lightest caps on the current market which is a benefit to rotational mass.  Using 5052 aluminum is the perfect choice in metal selection due to its high strength and fine grain structure and ductility.  NRW Design Vanos caps use the OEM cam bolts and would follow the BMW procedure for install.  We feel we have the best permanent stress free solution for the aging plastic OEM Vanos covers.  

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