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Catch Can Project Kit: 

A car’s engine is a complex system, the BMW S65 is even more complex than most.  The Catch Can Project was designed and engineered to help solve many of these complexities when engines are modified as something small as a tune or even greater modification such as a supercharger system.  For instance, when an oil blow-by occurs, the engine is configured to recirculate the oil back into the engine. The factory oil separators are not able to keep up or age over time failing the system.  This process can have detrimental effects, such as power loss, increased case pressure, and even poor fuel economy.

By replacing the oil separators (PCV System) with our custom block off plates, it allows us to redirect the oil, unspent fuel, fluorocarbons, and gases though our custom Catch Can setup and not back though the intake system.  This allows for a more precise burn of fuel, less back pressure in the crank case, and no build up on the throttle bodies, intake plenum, and valves. 

We spared no expense using OEM gaskets on the block off plates so sourcing replacement gaskets is as easy as going to the dealer or your favorite company that sells OEM parts.  Our custom washer relocation bracket is a direct drop in and requires no modification.   Our basic kit also comes with the ESS relocation bracket in case you are Supercharged or plan to be Supercharged later in your ownership.  All hardware to install this kit is included and installs in a matter of an hour or less.  Fully reversible with no modification needed to install. 

These parts are all CNC machined and or laser cut for precise fitment and comes black anodized, and powder coated to last for years. 

This is designed to be a hardware kit.  This was made to help take into consideration the end user and allow them to decide what works for them best.  We did design this with the best in mind and recommend using the Nuke Performance .75L catch can as well as the Radium 10AN swivel fittings.  (2 NA or 3 Supercharged) Nuke Performance Catch Can and Radium fittings not included.  

Nuke Performance part numbers: 

265-01-201 or 265-01-202

Radium Engineering part number:

RAD 20-1000-1010



Catch Can Project Parts list included:


2 Anodized Block Off Plates 

1 Washer Relocation Bracket 

1 ESS Supercharger Reservoir Relocation Bracket 

2 Genuine BMW Gaskets - 11-15-7-838-369

2 Genuine BMW Gaskets - 11-15-7-838-370

2 Plenum Block Off High Temp Caps 

Hardware Included 

Optional NA or ESS Supercharger Hose Kit 




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