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S85 Silicone Throttle Body Coupler Set

S85 Silicone Throttle Body Coupler Set

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After an amazing success with our silicone valve cover grommets NRW wanted to improve on the Plenum/Throttle Body couplers from OEM.  Over time the OEM couplers become hardened, brittle, deformed, and leak due to the rubber used in the product.  BMW looked at these as wear items and replaceable.  That is where we at NRW Design felt we could improve on both the S65 couplers and the S85 couplers.  Using synthetic silicone rubber we were able to replicate the stock coupler but improved on its chemical makeup.   Our silicone couplers are able to handle high temperatures as well as really low temperatures with out compromising the structural integrity of the material.  This allows our couplers to last a true lifetime and not just the "lifetime" BMW uses to sell products.  Each set comes with its respective worm clamp and the S65 set is sold with 8 couplers and 8 clamps where the S85 comes with 10 couplers and its respective 10 clamps.  The clamps are a replacement for the bottom clamp that is a 1 time use.  Your top worm clamp is reusable and will fit our couplers perfectly.   Our silicone couplers are boost approved and have been tested on both NA and SC cars.


S85 boots are in production and will be available very soon! 

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